2021 Media List (Lifestyle; Fashion; Interior Design; Food; Travel) over 1275 editors and freelance writers and their email contacts and social media link for each. The ultimate pitch accessory!


Want to leverage press to grow your business? This list is gold! A carefully curated selection of over 1275 of the country’s top editors, online editors and freelance writers in home, food, fashion, parenting, travel, business and lifestyle. Includes an email and social media link for each and more.

Consider the Recipe for Press team your media contact concierge! Twice a year we pour over our meticulously curated list in a line-by-line edit. We track changes and follow editors to new magazines (and add those important points to our valuable “notes” section), we add new publications (online and print) and important freelancers.

“ The Covid-era has ushered in big changes in publishing. Since our last update in June 2020, we’ve removed 203 names from our list and added an additional 270 new names and 83 new publications. Still, as nit-picky as we are with this list, inevitably there will be a few to bounce-back between updates. We welcome you to share any email that does and we will track the contact or find their replacement!”

The Recipe for Press 2021 Media list comes in a simple and easy-to-filter Excel spreadsheet and includes:

  • An email and active social media contact with each name
  • A super valuable “Notes” section that shares specific areas of interest and submission guidelines when available.
  • An impressive and valuable freelance writer section of top home, food and lifestyle writers in the country!
  • Specific job titles that indicate the section of the publication to pitch.
  • Top editors for important regional publications in California, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Maine, Illinois, Delaware, Maryland, and Texas
  • Interior design trade publications and podcasts, including Designers Today, Home Accents, 1st Dibs Introspective, Business of Home, Furniture Today, The Chaise Lounge, and Something About Interior Designers
  • A free update of the list in early June if you purchased the list in Jan-May 2021, just in time for pitching holiday gift guides

!!!!! OUR HONOR SYSTEM !!!!!
This list is a labor of love. Where others charge thousands of dollars, we keep ours at a value to our fellow entrepreneurs. Please do not copy this list and sell it as your own or share this list with friends. Instead, encourage them to purchase their own. Our team clocks hundreds of hours into each update to really keep this affordable.