Recipe for Press


Written by a longtime editor and freelance writer, Recipe for Press is THE DIY guide to being your own publicist and shows you how to engage today’s influencers and inspire them to write about your brand. Flurry’s insight as a contributor to magazines and online publications including Lucky, InStyle, O @ Home, Country Living, Condé Nast Traveler, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Budget Living and Refinery 29, demystifies the process of getting your story and product featured on the pages of magazines and blogs and makes it possible to generate ongoing media exposure.

How do you find the right editor to approach? What are they really looking for? How far in advance should you pitch a magazine? How long should you wait before following up? What one word is an editor looking to find in every pitch? How long should a pitch be? Do you need a press kit? Can you pitch an idea to multiple editors at the same time? Should images be sent with a pitch? How often can you pitch a blogger? Should you give away tons of products? What is the best way to thank an editor? What do editors need to find on your website? How many editors should you approach at one publication? What kind of approach gets results?

Recipe for Press answers these questions and more and includes chapters featuring textile designer Amy Butler, chef Hugh Acheson, indie market juggernaut, Sonja Rasula and other remarkable artisans and business owners who have used the power of press to build their brands, on their own!