How does DESIGNER CLUB work?

The Designer Club has a dedicated team to support the slow and sustained development of relationships with interior designers with the goal of converting them to account signups, product sales and long-term brand advocacy.
The team facilitates introductions, supports the discovery of new products and builds associations and opportunities for both the designer and the manufacturer. The Designer Club members have generally participated in Amy’s webinars, purchased her books, attended her talks at design centers and sought her out for communications counsel. These relationships are nurtured alongside the efforts of the brand/manufacturer through highly personalized outreach. They occur across eight channels including:

  • Exclusive bi-annual magazine
    • Print reach is 1000 select interior designers and 50 editor/influencers with the opportunity for sponsorships to increase the print run and mailing to participating manufacturers’ list
  • Designer Dish monthly email newsletters
    • 1,000 interior designer recipients/25% open rate
  • Designer Deskside – weekly scheduled one-on-one exploratory calls with Amy
    • Approximately 75-100 individual calls/year
  • Small batch gatherings, webinars and podcast appearances with an educational emphasis/CEU opportunities in inspired settings
    • 20 annually and 50-75 participants on average
  • “HAD ME AT HELLO” are ZOOM sessions hosted by Amy where she introduces a brand and their product to the DESIGNER CLUB and includes the brand founder or representative in a Q&A and discussion with designers.
  • Designer Advisory Groups – curated groups of interior designers for feedback on product development, creation and execution of thoughtful experiences, insights and programming
  • Presence with the company at major markets to meet with designers in the showroom
    • Creation of opportunities with Style Spotters and organized designer tours
  • A collective mind practice and access to publishers, conference hosts and designer centers across the country and opportunities that come from routine engagement, participation on panels, continuous and open conversation with public relations experts and marketing teams
Why is DESIGNER CLUB so impactful?

The PR landscape is changing, but the sensitivity to converting that to revenue is what differentiates Amy’s approach. She understands the nature of today’s communication, she knows the drivers (publicists)and editors/publishers) and works actively to maintain these relationships.
Amy stays focused on growing those circles of influence and opportunities for collaboration. She serves on the advisory board to the industry’s largest design conference, regularly speaks at major and secondary design markets, and hosts webinars and other gatherings to create opportunities to include her peers and designers in the conversation.

Other ways that Amy and her team secure trust and participation with designers:

  • Facilitation of introductions to editorial opportunities with industry- publications
  • Nurture the pathway to participating on panels to some of the largest design conferences, markets and through close associations with large design center and their marketing departments and directors
  • Curation of designer focus-groups for feedback and product development
  • Development of private-label initiatives with designer/manufacturer
What makes Amy’s approach unique?

Based in Athens, Georgia, Amy is a trusted communications expert, author of two books, Recipe for Press and Recipe for Press Designer Edition and a nationally recognized speaker. Amy’s outside-of-the-box and collaborative mindset focuses on growth for both the manufacturer and designer, through continuous connection and relationship management. Her unique approach is built on a core understanding of the business of interior designer and the ability for communications to influence it. She served two years as creative director for the first-of-its-kind project management app for interior designers, developed a team of editorial specialists that offer pitch and press placement support for select brands and is a communications partner to select companies in the interior design industry. Drawing on decades of experience in publishing, aligning brand positioning with creative communication, she applies trend direction and understanding to product development. Her unique approach to the relational, custom and creative nature of the industry, specifically the interior design trade, relies on the ability to simultaneously connect that to overall growth.

Can you share a case study?

Based in Atlanta, aloka launched in October 2019. Committed to seeking potential in existing resources to create beautiful, well-designed products for the trade, aloka’s quilts and pillows are fabricated from repurposed materials made of recycled saris. Aloka launched their trade portal online in March 2020.

  • In the first nine months of business, the DESIGNER CLUB efforts accounted for 30% of the total designer account purchases.
  • Of these accounts, four retail stores participated or committed to trunk shows that offered more on-site sales and co-promotional opportunities and additional visibility. This was pre-Covid.
  • Designer Club efforts also contributed to over 35% of new account signups