Ready to take charge of your publicity efforts but need honest feedback from a seasoned editor and communications advisor who can help you fine-tune-your strategy and share actionable steps toward your goals of getting press? A one-on-one consultation with Amy can help to quickly give shape and direction to these goals with a customized pitch plan.

In a pre-consult Q&A with Amy, you describe the challenges you’d like to address and share the goals of your session, whether to get current projects published, to strategize for those close to completion or to place your product in important holiday gift guides. Amy reviews your material ahead of the consult (website, product photography, projects, headshots) so that, together, you hit the ground running during your ninety-minute phone or in-person session.

What to expect from your consult?

  • Brand audit
  • Advising on marketing/publication and little-known press opportunities and how to maximize them
  • An actionable, custom pitch roadmap and consult summary that addresses next steps 
  • Personalized pitch + follow-up template and editor contacts, when applicable
  • Executable ideas and cross-marketing opportunities that create a buzz about your business and elevate your communication planning