Geared toward the interior design and creative community, our annual publication is a place of discovery.  Here we share stories and share  beautiful things or ideas or curiosities and we try to do so with a fresh perspective and in a way that inspires. This is also a place where Amy and her team share deeper insights into the changing landscape of communications. Here’s what to get excited about in Issue 3:

  • Documenting a Dream: visual poetry with photographer and artist Michelle Litvin
  • Designer Deskside with Ahmad Abouzanat
  • CottageCore: how this trend transcended fashion and made its way into home.
  • So long, Soho. After 19 years, Michele Varian, champion of independent retail, moved her namesake boutique to Brooklyn.
  • Textile Talk: a Q&A with designer Saana Baker
  • Get to know LA-based artist, Kera Morgan.