Clever: A podcast about design

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Clever is hosted by Jaime Derringer, founder of Design Milk, and Amy Devers. Together, they interview a variety of creatives, including photographers, furniture designers and interior designers, and chat with them about their beginning, process and challenges.


**Please note, they receive way too many nominations to reply to them all, but they do read every last one. If it’s a fit, they’ll keep it on file and reach out when they have availability. 

To nominate a guest:

Please fill out this simple form, Clever Guest Nominations, including a brief description of why you think they’d be a good fit for Clever and a few details about what makes their creative journey a satisfying listen.

A few things to keep in mind when nominating a guest for Clever:

Clever is highly curated. Amy handpicks all of the guests in an effort to create an eclectic and diverse mix of personal stories and perspectives across all creative disciplines. Every episode of Clever is a deep-dive candid portrait of an individual creative who is shaping the world around us. The interviews are in-depth conversations that seek to honor the guest’s full-spectrum humanity, and as such, require a willingness to discuss their backstory with candor. Amy is very dedicated to story stewardship and honoring personal narratives.

Clever editorial episodes are focused on the person, not on a brand, product, book, project, specific topic, or event (they love that too, but it’s a different animal. Please see their bespoke offerings below.) Episodes are evergreen and have a very long shelf life of relevancy. They serve as a searchable resource document (audio & transcript) for years after publication, and live on in an archive of esteemed creatives.

Each episode is crafted with a great amount of care and attention. They release episodes biweekly, as such, they have limited inventory and interviews are coveted spots. They are not a content mill or a news outlet, and therefore do not peg their episodes to events that will soon pass. However they are happy to discuss alignment opportunities where it makes sense.

Clever does NOT participate in any interview mill activities and there is never any monetary exchange for editorial episode interviews.

Clever is committed to sharing these valuable stories as broadly as possible – to inspire, to champion the value of creative agency to all, to strengthen the creative community across borders and disciplines, and to diversify the pipeline of youth who may aspire to creative professions. That means actively growing their audience at every opportunity, in service of their previous guests (whose episodes are still being discovered), their  future guests, and in connecting with the listeners who benefit from these conversations. With your nomination, please let them know if they can count on your guest to share our efforts in-kind with their audience and community.



If you’ve got a book, project, event, topic, or brand story that deserves attention, they’re into it. Clever supports itself and thrives on crafting custom content with their partners that is as valuable and listenable as all of their content. Whether it’s a host-read midroll, a bespoke episode, a live event, or something entirely off the beaten path, they love inventing new ways to tell meaningful stories that resonate. Not sure what you want? No problem, they’d love to brainstorm with you. Get in touch at and let’s chat!