Through insightful positioning pieces, in-depth interviews, features, profiles, and reviews, ART AFRICA captures and reports on the latest developments around contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora.

ART AFRICA works across multiple platforms; print, digital and online.

Print publication (annual): a space for critical reflection and debate compiled into a collectable publication; an invaluable archive on the contemporary arts in Africa.

Multimedia edition (three editions a year): with up-to-date news and reviews, broadening the platforms on which ART AFRICA reaches its audience.
ART AFRICA newsletter (weekly): provides its audience with current and exclusive information on the contemporary art scene, keeping them connected with happenings in the creative industries. an integral part of constructing a new African network, linking the different elements of ART AFRICA to form a creative hub connecting people across the world. · Social Media: an integrated approach providing content that talks to the vision of ART AFRICA, effectively used to build its creative network.