Better Homes and Gardens

The Senior Remodeling and Projects Editor in the Home Design department and covers Remodeling and Projects, Do-It-Yourself Home Building and Energy-Efficient and Green Items for Better Homes and Gardens. She edits the Living Green section and is interested in energy-efficient items and products related to building and remodeling, including decorative and cleaning products. Selzer says, “Green living has always meant smart, practical, economical living. We do know that people are more concerned about energy savings than ever, so we have focused many of our topics in that area.” She points out that “in some ways…stories are taking a more emotional bent – how green living contributes to home satisfaction, family health and positive feelings about the environment – to attempt to justify big-ticket purchases and improvements. Although it’s unlikely we’d feature a built-from-scratch, high-end, contemporary sustainable home, we’re still interested in hearing about them. We keep a close eye on the expensive aspects of green so that we’re ready when they enter the mainstream.” Regarding eco-friendly products Selzer explains, “A green product…must be consistent with our philosophy regarding all products: good value, worthwhile purpose, lifestyle improvement. Overall, we are less about buying something green and more about doing something green.” She adds that “recycling, eco-friendly cleaning, organic gardening and organic cooking” are also of interest, particularly “green products and practices that save our readers money while they’re saving the planet.”Selzer advises PR professionals to “read the magazine regularly so you understand our approach and the categories we cover” and “send product information when it’s new.” She does not appreciate “receiving emails with enormous attachments” so please be mindful. “Feel free to call once, e-mail twice, then understand that we’ve likely filed the information until it’s relevant.” She also recommends “dating all press releases or CDs that are sent out.”