Cabinet magazine

Submissions Policy:
They receive a large number of submissions, both for issues of Cabinet magazine and for the Kiosk section of their website. In order to be able to look at everything they get and not keep you hanging for months, their submission policy is as follows:

1) They will only contact you if  they can use your submission. Sorry not to be able to do otherwise.

2) They will contact you within 6 weeks of submission. If you have not heard from them within 6 weeks, assume that they were not able to use your submission.  Good news is: They do not mind it at all if you submit the piece to other publications at the same time.

3) They can only look at finished works and projects; no proposals, please.

Please note:  They only accept electronic submissions sent to:   (this pertains to both texts and artist projects). Emails sent to other Cabinet addresses will not be processed.  You must include the word “submission” in the subject line of your email so that it does not get eaten up by their spam filters.

They do not accept artist projects previously published in another magazine.

Cabinet magazine is a monthly online magazine, with every third issue dedicated entirely to one theme.

Cabinet publishes artist projects that treat the magazine itself as an exhibition venue. Unlike most contemporary art magazines, they would like their reader to actually encounter the artwork rather than simply learn of its existence.  They do not publish documentation of sculptural works, performances, or installations. Video stills and architecture proposals are also highly unusual for them to print. Please note that they do not publish artist projects in Kiosk.