What Is an SEO Editor and What Does Their Title Mean?


What exactly does an SEO editor do? What’s the difference between an SEO editor and an e-commerce writer? And what’s the one thing product-driven companies should include in their pitch? We’re exploring the answers to these questions in today’s post!

SEO Editor vs. E-Commerce WriterPerson writing on laptop

An SEO editor creates content for the publication’s digital site with a razor-sharp focus on affiliate network partnerships and Google rankings. SEO editors write product articles that use keywords to strategically position articles/products to be the top hits when searching google, which means more eyes on the article/product which hopefully means increase sales/revenue.

How to Best Pitch an SEO Editor

Person writing on laptop from an angleTo have the best opportunity for success when pitching an SEO editor, you first need to be a part of an affiliate program like Amazon, Rakuten, Shareasale, or Target. If your products aren’t associated with an affiliate network that the publication works with there is very little chance of pitch success. Their job is to help leverage the reach of the publication with the power of affiliate marketing and earn additional revenue for the company.

Advanced tip: You should know which affiliate networks in particular the SEO editor uses before you pitch.

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