Advice for Building Your Business and Reinventing Your Life

She Said She Said podcast with Amy Flurry

With so many people taking a good hard look at jobs and careers and many making significant life and career changes, Amy’s advice has never been more important. On a “She Said She Said” podcast episode, Amy discusses a multitude of different subjects with Laura Cox Kaplan. This episode is for anyone who’s trying to figure out what’s next, and how to take what you know and deploy it in a new way.

In this episode, Amy and Laura Cox Kaplan talk about:

  • How she designed and built her business and what you can learn from her experience; 
  • How to think about monetizing ideas;
  • How to get attention for yourself and pitch your ideas to editors; and
  • How to think about self-publishing as a tool to sell your business, ideas and/or services (and Amy’s perspective and words of caution about ordering that first run of books!) 

Listen to their conversation on the She Said She Said YouTube channel