What Is a Deskside and How Does It Work?

Amy Flurry

An Invitation

A deskside is a scheduled phone conversation with Amy and a chance for her to get to know you and your work better and vice versa. Not a full-blow consultation, the 30-minute chat is, however, an invitation to run a pressing communications-related question by her.

An Opportunity to PitchPerson holding a magazine

Did you know Amy publishes a magazine twice a year, just for interior designers? The publication attests to Amy’s love of print. As as editor, she is always on the hunt for stories, special projects, and ideas that inspire.

An Exploratory Session

Sometimes you know you need a little extra pitch or positioning support, but you’re not sure exactly how Amy can help. Desksides are a great opportunity to share your needs and if she’s not right for the job, it’s likely she may be able to recommend someone who is.

Gianna Marzella, interior designer

“The best experience, by far, was our desk-side chat. I want to thank Amy for her thoughtfulness and insight. Amy was so engaging, helpful, and authentic. It was like getting on a call with someone I had known for a hundred years, yet other than our previous e-mail exchanges, I was really an unknown to you. I think the most helpful takeaway was that I should take the time to understand what publication I was genuinely a fit for. I really took this advice to heart and thought a lot about where my most recently photographed project seemed it belong. I’ve been a long-time reader of Rue Magazine and admire the publication for both project content and writing style. The aesthetic of their projects are similar to mine and always inspire me. Amy helped me understand that making a genuine connection was far more important than reaching out to multiple publications, and the successful placement of above-mentioned project is the proof of this. I also really appreciated her reviewing my pitch. Having her eyes on it gave me the confidence I needed to send it out. Thank you so much Amy for your time and expertise. I’m certain that as my business continues to grow, so will our working relationship.”

– Gianna Marzella

Designer / Gia Mar Interiors

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