Behind the Scenes Photography

MEplusTEA. Tea testers. Behind the scenes photography

Behind the Scenes Photography

MEplusTEA photoshoot.

A product based company that sells online can never have enough pictures. A constant flow of images to share on social and in newsletters can be hard to come by unless you build shoots into your business calendar or make documenting your days a habit.

MEplusTEA. MEplusTEA. Hands holding tea.

Enter Precious Jones, owner of ME plus TEA, a hand-blended, loose-leaf tea company in Athens, Georgia.MEplusTEA photoshoot.

A friend and favorite local farmer’s market vendor, Precious is also an advocate for spiritual and physical well-being and sees tea as a conduit for both.

Just as her grandmother taught Precious about the healing properties of tea blends and herbal tinctures, Precious taught our team how sourcing the highest quality herbs from local growers and organic farmers around the world truly creates a super active, premium product. She shared the process of choosing a tea blend and steeping the leaves while reminding us that enjoying the experience was the ultimate goal.



MEplusTEA photoshootAll the while we were documenting the day with Precious, creating a bank of images for her to use and intersperse in the coming months of posts. We find that blending work with a little pleasure is an excellent way to do business, to deepen relationships and to learn something new and we do this by sharing some of our skills with local startups we admire. In doing so we’ve learned that the growth goes both ways. While we were able to send her home with plenty of pictures, Precious has expanded our understanding of the power of herbs and tea in supporting good health and important conversation.

MEplusTEA photoshoot MEplusTEA photoshoot