Interior Designer Website Tips

Image of close up of hands working on a laptop.

At Recipe for Press, we look at interior designer websites all day, every day. We notice the repeated missteps that can hijack big opportunities.

Here is how to be your best self online:

Contact Information

Contact information needs to include your email, phone, and address (city too!) Display it prominently to make it easy to find.

Keep It Current

Be wary of trends that can date your site. Aspects like color palettes, images, and your portfolio should be up to date. (If it looks like your site was born in the early 2000s, people will not stay).

Active Links to Social

Tests your links to ensure they take visitors directly there. If you’re only able to commit to one channel, Instagram should be priority.

Mobile Friendly

Computers aren’t the only way people go online nowadays – your website should be mobile responsive (over 60% of people are going to view your website from their phone first).

Prop Tip: People like to scroll, not click.

Expand Your Reach

If you have a newsletter, make it easy for visitors to subscribe! This can expand your readership and your overall follower base, but not if they can’t find the signup.