Can I provide you a wish list of publications that I would like for you to pitch?

Yes, and if they are a good fit for your pitch, we will find the appropriate editor from that publication to reach out to.

Will I be aware of the editors you are pitching on my behalf?

Yes, at the end of each week we send you a list of names of the editors we’ve approached and a social media link. We ask you to follow them on the appropriate channels to promote additional awareness to your brand.

Do I supply all pitch photography?

Yes. Photography has to be approved before moving forward on a pitch push. If approved but additional photography is needed, Amy will direct you with needs to be re-photographed or on how to achieve the necessary images.

In our bi-weekly sessions will you discuss additional ways that I can support the pitch effort during or after the pitch process to make it more effective?

Yes. There are a few tactics that will extend the impact of our pitch support efforts that Amy will share.

Will you share the pitch you create for my company so that I can use it as a template for future pitching?

Yes. Amy will have you approve the pitch before sharing with any editor. From there she and her team will personalize each pitch though the core structure remains the same.

Would you consider adding influencers to the pitch list or is this a different service?

We are not an influencer marketing agency. Our focus is strictly editorial.

Am I guaranteed press coverage?

True editorial coverage is earned and objective, not purchased. Therefore we cannot promise your company will receive coverage. That said, we have built relationships with editors and freelance writers over the years and receive quick feedback and responses. And we are positioning your company with relevant editors, fertilizing the ground for pitch work to come and creating a roadmap for subsequent pitching that can be performed by your team.

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