Terrance (Terry) Noland

To pitch a story, please write a brief (1- to 3-paragraph max) pitch, stressing why your idea is different, newsworthy, and compelling for our readers. If you are a writer, photographer, or illustrator, please include samples of your work.

Please be sure to pitch early. The print magazine is monthly; we finalize story lineups a few months before the cover date.

Then, email your pitch — with “story idea” in the subject line — to the proper person(s) as follows:

For food and drink, email Amy Cavanaugh

For feature stories, email Stanley Kay

For news, business, and real estate, email Edward McClelland

For home, health, and fashion, email Kelly Aiglon

For art, music, and culture, email Kris Vire

For photography, email Michael Zajakowski

For online inquiries, email Sarah Steimer

For all other inquiries, email Terrance Noland