Our Favorite Podcasts

Our favorite podcasts. Image of headphones.

The Recipe for Press team is always on the lookout for insightful and exciting podcasts to listen to. Below are some of our favorites.

For Design

The Business of Home PodcastThe Business of Home podcast

Host: Dennis Scully

Why We Like it: The bellwether of home industry news podcasts, Business of Home keeps us in front of events and shifts that impact the business of design. Host Dennis Scully’s guests are some of the most highly respected names in interiors—from artists to shop owners, CEO’s and interior designers—and their insights always help us find more community than the competition in today’s landscape.

The Chairish Podcast / @chairishcoThe Chairish Podcast

Host: Michael Boodro / @michaelboodro

Why We Like it: Having launched in early 2020 and hosted by former Elle Decor editor Michael Boodro, The Chairsh Podcast is the industry’s newest conversation on all things interior design. Hearing from tastemakers on the latest trends or industry experts on marketing your business, this podcast feels like your own best friend letting you in on all the tips and tricks needed  to succeed in interior design.

Design Time Domino PodcastDesign Time by Domino Magazine / @dominomag

Host: Editor-in-Chief Jessica Romm Perez / @jrommperez

Why We Like it: Domino Magazine’s debut podcast offers up insightful and sometimes intimate conversations between Editor-in-Chief Jessica Romm Perez and the designers of today. If you’ve wanted the inside scoop on your favorite designer’s go-to vintage source or the color combination they are loving, tune in! Each episode is packed with little nuggets of wisdom even the newbie design enthusiast can use to enliven their space!

The Kate Show The Kate Show Podcast

Host: Kate Greunke / @kate.the.socialite

Why We Like it: The Kate Show effortlessly breaks down how to market your business in the home industry. The episodes offer countless tips on how to grow your business and its’ marketing presence. In fact, Amy utilized Kate’s tips to spruce up her Pinterest page, which resulted in immediate, positive results.

The Style Files PodcastThe Style Files Podcast with Paloma Contreras

Host: Paloma Contreras / @palomacontrerasdesign

Why We Like it: It’s immediately clear that Paloma Contreras lives and breathes design. This passion permeates through with every conversation that she has each episode with the great trailblazers of the design industry. It is both educational and inspirational.

SOS with Sonja Rasula SOS with Sonja Rasula podcast

Host: Sonja Rasula / @sonjarasula

Why We Like it: Founder of Unique Markets, Sonja Rasula has produced some of the best popups of independent artists and emerging brands for over a decade. In short, she knows her stuff when it comes to building a brand and growing it into a thriving business. Her podcast is a live call-in for entrepreneurs where she dishes straight talk to their questions. Highly recommend this one for the small biz set!



For Inspiration / Education / Fun


On Being with Krista Tippett / @onbeingOn Being podcast

Host: Krista Tippett

Why We Like it:  What’s not to like about a podcast that delivers meaningful and deeply nourishing conversations between host Krista Tippet and a range of scientists, poets, authors, and activists? Krista is a skilled conversationalist, with a true gift of guiding thought-provoking interviews that touch on faith, wisdom, and what it means to be human. If you haven’t tuned in, you won’t regret it, and also won’t be the same afterwards.

Second Life Podcast / @secondlifepodSecond Life Podcast

Host: Hillary Kerr / @hillarykerr

Why We Like It: It’s all about women with inspiring careers and spotlighting the career changes that can come at any age. The episodes peel back the layers to their successes and share their missteps, lessons, trying moments, and even outright failures that we can all learn from. It’s all about inspiring stories that encourage you to set aside your doubts and fears and remind you that you can make a life change at any point.

Hopefully Sustainable podcastHopefully Sustainable / @hopefullysustainablepod

Host: Jaiko Celka  / @jaiko_celka

Why We Like It: The goal of host Jaiko Celka, a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, is to celebrate small changes that prove to make big differences in the environment and to leave the listener feeling hopeful about an idea they can implement. This new podcast is super positive and we applaud Jaiko for her conviction on climate change and taking action toward turning this ship around. Lord knows we need that.

The Bitter SouthernerThe Bitter Southerner podcast

Host: Chuck Reece

Why We Like It: We’re based in Athens, Georgia, so a podcast that covers the culture of the South— outside of the lines of Southern stereotypes had us at go. Plus we also find some of the best new music on their annual list of the best Southern albums each year.

Hand Me My PurseHand Me My Purse podcast

Host: MeMe Walker

Why We Like It: Your favorite black auntie dishing on love, finances, mental health, shapewear, and more and bottled in a podcast. Trust the team. You need this.

Six Beers UnderSix Beers Under podcast

Host: Katy Warren and Lee Collier

Why We Like It: Our very own team member, Katy Warren, discusses all things entertainment with her fellow film lover friend, Lee. You would think by listening to Six Beers Under that the two co-hosts both love to hate and hate to love each other…thereby creating a dysfunctional cry for help through two ends of the same post-college spectrum.

Amy’s Picks and Guest Features

She Said She Said podcastShe Said She Said

Host: Laura Cox Kaplan /@lauracoxkaplan

Why We Like it: For anyone who’s trying to figure out what’s next, and how to take what you know and deploy it in a new way, there’s so much value in Amy’s perspective and insight. Listen to Amy’s episode here.

The Inspiration PlaceThe Inspiration Place podcast

Host: Miriam Schulman / @schulmanart

Why We Like it: In this episode, Amy and Miriam discuss how to think like an editor, how to use back issues of magazines for new pitch ideas, and the power of the humble postcard. Listen to her episode here.

A Well-Designed Business podcastA Well Designed Business

Host: LuAnn Nigara

Why We Like it: Host LuAnn Nigara is a podcasting powerhouse with a focus on the business of design and has, in large part, been responsible for helping thousands of designers take action and control of their finances. Amy has been a repeat guest (episodes 108 and 323) and has dozens of mentions on other episodes focussing on visibility.

The Chaise LoungeThe Chaise Lounge Podcast

Host: Nick May

Why We Like it: Since launching in 2014, host Nick May has interviewed hundreds of the top interior designers asking all of the questions that you hope he will on what makes them so successful. He especially loves marketing, which is why Amy has been a frequent guest on the show.

SAID podcastSAID (Something About Interior Design)

Host: Jane Dagmi

Why We Like it: Host Jane Dagmi, editor in chief of Designers Today, picked Amy to be the first guest on the debut conversation of this podcast. Jane’s questions are insightful, personal and her curiosity backed by a broad career in the interiors industry.

Profit is a ChoiceProfit is a Choice podcast

Host: Michele Williams

Why We Like it: Host Michele Williams is a coach for interior designers and creative entrepreneurs and passionate about growing them into profitable businesses and we’ve seen her turn around many! Who doesn’t want to know her secret sauce?