Welcome to Athens, Garnish & Gather!

Garnish & Gather package outside a red door.

Garnish & Gather, a Georgia-based meal kit and grocery delivery service, has just announced arrival in Athens and we’re helping them get the word out! We’ve known about this exciting company since one of our own intern program graduates, Abbie Brans, became their communications manager a few years ago. Based in Atlanta, they’ve hinted that expanding to Athens was in their future plans and that time is here! With real food from regional farms, a weekly rotating menu created by popular local chefs, and a seamless order and delivery process, it’s an exciting meal option, especially during Covid-era times. Our team got to sample the service and enjoyed a variety of home-cooked meals that took thirty minutes or less to prepare. Here’s what we had to say on the experience!

Garnish & Gather logo and sign.

Katy Warren

“I ordered the chicken and penne pasta and it was an absolute delight! When my delivery arrived, I was amazed at how fresh the produce looked. The next day, my roommate and I could not wait to use our new kitchen to make our lunch. We effortlessly made the meal as he chopped up the vegetables and I was stationed at the stove. As someone who has not tried a meal kit delivery before, I was disappointed that I had waited so long to try it out. I’m constantly on the go and not typically one to buy fresh produce, so Garnish & Gather was such a wonderful way to have fun in the kitchen while trying out a new meal.”

Garnish & Gather. Man holding plate of pasta.Garnish & Gather. Cutting vegetables on cutting board.

Amy Hairston

“I’ve been looking for something new and exciting to try at dinnertime so was thrilled to see the Garnish & Gather meal kit on my doorstep. I cooked the Redfish Jamaican Escovitch with roasted potatoes, carrots, sweet peppers & fresh herbs — all beautiful locally sourced ingredients in just the right portions. So delicious!”

Garnish & Gather. Bowl full of food. Garnish & Gather. Cutting board full of food.

Amy Flurry

“As a farmer’s market regular, I’m pretty picky about my fresh veggies. I was beyond impressed with those that were part of my meal, the tomato so perfectly ripe and deeply colorful and the potatoes still with a dusting of dirt. I couldn’t believe the freshness of the selections, the thoughtfulness of the packaging– which is all recyclable/reusable. And there is a personal touch that is so clever you’ll just have to check it out for yourself! A real family pleaser.”

Garnish & Gather. Dining table set up with dinner. Garnish & Gather. Plate full of food.

Tulsi TenEyck

“Garnish & Gather is THE meal kit service for the folks who take notice of the little things and appreciate delicious, locally sourced food! I’m a newbie to the meal kit experience and was so pleasantly surprised by the way Garnish & Gather set you up for success. The Chicken Picatta included local bread and fresh produce from neighboring Georgia farms, which added to the flavor of the meal. The company ethos really shines in all parts of the experience! Not only was the final product top-notch, but they also included a table topic to encourage thoughtful conversation around the table. Don’t miss the last Garnish & Gather instructional step where they walk you through how to plate the meal for maximum enjoyment!! ”

Garnish & Gather. Plate full of food.


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