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$150.00 for 1 year

Updated weekly, this meticulously curated list is a line-by-line edit of the names you need to gain press coverage. We include a serious freelance writer section and follow editors as they move from publication to publication (and add those important points to our valuable “notes” section).  We track new publications (online and print) and important contributors who often write for multiple publications.

With your annual subscription to the Recipe for Press Media list, you’ll access a simple, easy to read document and updated in real time that can be filtered by region, title, name, or publication. You’ll also receive monthly emails alerting you of new additions and changes to the list.

  • An email and active social media contact with each name
  • A super valuable “Notes” section that shares specific areas of interest and submission guidelines when available.
  • An impressive and valuable freelance writer section of top home, food, and lifestyle writers in the country!
  • Specific job titles that indicate the section of the publication to pitch.
  • Top editors for important regional publications in California, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Maine, Illinois, Delaware, Maryland, and Texas
  • Interior design trade publications and podcasts, including Designers Today, Home Accents, 1st Dibs Introspective, Business of Home, Furniture Today, The Chaise Lounge, and Something About Interior Designers

Meet the expert of DIY PR

Amy Flurry, author of Recipe for Press, has over two decades of editorial experience, producing features and writing for top print and online publications. In 2011 Amy authored Recipe for Press (Pitch Your Story and Create a Buzz,) then took to the road, sharing her editorial insights with entrepreneurs. Recipe for Press (Designer Edition) is her latest book with the tools interior designers need to take advantage of the press opportunities available to creative professionals.

The book took shape after two years as creative director of the first-of-its kind project management app for interior design professionals. Within the interiors industry, Amy is a nationally recognized speaker on creative communications and in-house public relations and co-founder of aloka, a home furnishings company based in Atlanta.

What People Are Saying

10 reviews for The Recipe for Press Media List

  1. Gianna Marzella, Gia Mar Interiors

    Every designer should have this database. I just purchased your media list and wish I had done it sooner. I wasted so much time reaching out to the wrong people and this list is incredibly detailed, thoughtful and comprehensive.

  2. Claire Stasick, Centered by Design

    Save yourself a lot of time and purchase THIS list. Keeping an up-to-date media list is not easy, and editors can change quickly in the online landscape.

  3. Sherri Kaven, Saint Olio founder

    I am constantly telling people small businesses to get the Recipe for Press book and Media List and to follow Amy’s steps to PR – so much more effective than hiring it out!! 

  4. Jill Mckenzie

    This is the book and media list you need ASAP for pitching properly.

  5. Pacific Designs

    It’s a fabulous resource that works!

  6. Dana Nivens, Heartsong Herbs

    We just landed our first piece in a national publication all thanks to the Media List! I’m so grateful for Amy Flurry & Team for creating such an incredible resource.

  7. Ruthann Baler

    Congratulations for spearheading a business that many of us solo entrepreneurs need! I used to work for agencies and I know they spent thousands on media intelligence software. The Recipe for Press Media list makes it possible for independents to be more strategic and successful (and save time!) in our media outreach. I will be sure to refer you to my colleagues.

  8. Melissa Moriarty

    Wow this list is a total life-saver AND a game changer. Not only is it helpful for finding the right point of contact at the right publication, but there’s also great insider knowledge in the Notes section with commentary around recent career movement, special rules to follow (if any), and sometimes the editorial calendar for the year. The list is worth every penny.

  9. Heather Ison, Interior Design Photographer

    Both the media list & Recipe for Press have been a game changer to my business this past year. I am an interior design photographer & with the tools I learned from Amy’s book and the contacts I now have from the media list I have been able to put my clients in print publications consistently all year long. I can’t recommend it enough to have these two tools if you are in the interior design industry.

  10. Amy Hairston

    My office relies on Amy Flurry and her team to do the heavy lifting of keeping an updated media list. It’s a thankless job and her list is a valuable tool to keep key contacts at my fingertips. This sole proprietor is so very grateful!!!!
    Christina Juarez
    PRESIDENT, Christina Juarez & Company

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