Recipe For Press Athens/Atlanta Mixer

February 2023

COVID taught us all many kinds of lessons but as a business owner, among the most important for me was the value of spontaneity and togetherness. The most recent example – when my team was offered a beautiful location in midtown Atlanta to host an Atlanta/Athens mixer to see and thank those in the design community who have supported us over the years and to recognize the symbiotic relationships and talent in these neighboring cities. We banded with Mercer Brockenbrough (Athens) and Mary Holland of Holland MacRae showroom (Atlanta) and a wonderful evening unfolded: good business is about sharing and celebrating each other’s success and in so doing, likely we conjure a little more – for everyone.

Image: Amy Flurry and Giana Shorthouse

Photos by Kristin Karch Photography

Susan Hable
10 The Prado
Sean Goldsmith
Mercer Brockenbrough
Elizabeth Ralls, Jennifer Franklin, Lauren Iverson
Nancy Hooff


Kyle Tibbs Jones











Tami Ramsey and Monet Masters
Jill McKenzie and Lisa Mowry
Mary Holland
Carter Kay and Nan Peterson
John Mears
Laura Jenkins
John Plaster and Blake Weeks
Lisa Ellis