Safe+Social+Special = Seabear Oyster Bar’s Shuck n’ Truck

Seabear Shuck Truck parked outside a house

This month we’re bringing attention to a necessary Covid-pivot that has turned into a new way of doing business. Seabear Oyster Bar, a fav neighborhood restaurant in Athens, Georgia, found a way to bring fresh oysters to their clients in the most delightful (and branded) way when Covid restrictions limited them from dining at the restaurant.

Seabear Shuck Truck. Seabear cooks shucking oysters.

Last summer, Seabear Oyster Bar put into action a 91 Mitsubishi mini truck from Japan, a quirky vintage vehicle that partner Noah Brendel purchased on eBay a few years back.

Outfitting the truck with a simple “shuck bar”, Brendel and co-founder Patrick Stubbers also painted it a bright marine blue and then set out to book 20-minutes shucking slots.

Seabear Shuck Truck parked outside a houseThe duo rolls up to that address, shucks the oysters for their customers, and serves them – with all of the fixings – on paper plates.

Booking anywhere from 10-12 stops in one night, the team says that not only is the Shuck n’ Truck a much-needed additional revenue stream during the pandemic, but it’s also allowed them to get out and see their customers and friends in a safe way and on their own turf.

Make your Truck n’ Shuck Reservation Today!

“Have Seabear’s esteemed owners, Patrick and Noah, drive to your house and shuck some fresh delicious oysters! Includes oysters ($3 each), sauces and crackers. Time slots are for 20 minutes. We are taking a substitution list. If all the time slots are taken, sign up for our alternate list and we will be in touch if we can accommodate! MUST BE INSIDE THE LOOP.”