What’s so special about the 2021 Recipe for Press Media List?

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Our 2021 Media List is here! With over 1,300 market editors, freelancers, features editors, and more, this list is
unlike others. Meticulously curated each year (and then updated line-by-line in June) this pitch accessory is the tool to help make finding the right editors to pitch, easy!We know that the revolving-door nature of editorial is real, which is why we issue a NEW Media List every January and why some of the top publicists in the country buy it year after year. The work to create an editor’s list that is up-to-date and populated with the right editors (not the ones who don’t want to be pitched) is a labor of love. Where other media lists are often priced at thousands of dollars, we keep ours at a reasonable $150 for the small businesses it is intended to help.

What makes our media list different?2021 Media List by Recipe for Press. Colorful stack of books illustration.

  1. The “notes” section for each contact: Not only have we lovingly fact-checked each contact’s accuracy, we’ve included submission guidelines, specific instructions on how an editor would like to be pitched, a portfolio link, information on where the editor worked previously, even the number of issues the magazine is published a year. By building relationships with editors, our list contains these extra bits of information to give you as much support in crafting your pitch as possible.
  2. We track editors: Editors move from publication to publication and often. Unfortunately during the Covid-19 era, we’ve seen even more frequent changes and shifts. For example, many editors of top name magazines were let go, but now contribute as a freelancer to the magazine they were dismissed from. These hard-to-find contacts are some of the most valuable, as these editors and writers often contribute to multiple publications in many genres.
  3. We get social: Besides providing their contacts, we also provide a social media link for each (we also use this as a second way to verify their information). This is a great way for you to get to know the editors, just as they use Instagram to look for new products and designers.
  4. It’s affordable: Priced at $150, our list is a deal. Included is also a second update in June, just in time for pitching holiday gift guides. Other expensive lists with thousands of names are often outdated and unhelpful because they are listing every editor at the magazine and not the ones specific to the sections open to pitching.
  5. It’s easy to filter: You can easily search a name, area, or publication by using “Command F.

What are you waiting for? It’s your year to get noticed and the 2021 Media List (and Recipe for Press book) are just the tools to help!