Stray Dog Friends

Stray Dog Designs has been producing handmade home decor, light fixtures and furniture for more than 30 years. Founders Jane Gray and Bill Pritchard collaborate with artists in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to make one-of-a-kind whimsical pieces from floral chandeliers to tree stump tables. Gray’s boldly colored and crafted creations are unique in their design as well as their manufacturing; each one is made to order over the span of several weeks by artisans that set their own rates. 

Stray Dog Friends is their outlet for sharing company news, customer spotlights and profiles on fellow designers and on the company’s most recent post they featured me! 

“I remember first meeting Jane and Billy in Chattanooga when I was on a speaking tour with Recipe for Press, my first book for creative entrepreneurs that showed how to get published, on your own. The Stray Dog story was a perfect example of the kind of story and product and product assortment that editors everywhere would be excited about and it really shows in the press attention Stray Dog has received over the years.”

Amy is no stranger to working with international partners to create handmade pieces, and goes on to explain the process of making patchwork quilts for aloka. She also shares her experiences in freelance writing, paper sculpture and of course, DIY PR.

“DIY PR is simply understanding that, as a business, you must embrace that communications is so closely connected to commerce so it should be a huge part of your emphasis. Make it easy for people to tell your story. Beautiful photography. A light touch. Concise copy. And a clear point of view.”

Head to Stray Dog Friends to read the rest of Amy’s feature.