What is a Media List?

What is a Media List?

A Media List is a digital directory of editors, writers and freelancers. It’s an invaluable tool that helps entrepreneurs, artists, interior designers, photographers, stylists and any other business owners find the right editor to pitch their brand to. DIY PR is crucial for any small business trying to grow, and the Recipe for Press Media List is curated by the DIY PR experts.

How our Media List is different

The Recipe for Press Media List features over 1,400 contacts and is constantly being updated. Editors move from publication to publication often, and we’ve seen more frequent shifts in the aftermath of Covid. Our team tracks these editors to make sure they’re still relevant to Media List subscribers and updates their contact information. We’re also always adding new editors. If a name or publication you want to pitch is not on the list, let us know and we’ll research and add those contacts quickly.

Our list features a rapidly expanding Freelancer section that writers ASK to be included on. Recipe for Press has advised thousands of entrepreneurs over the past decade and they know how helpful the Media List is in making connections. These hard-to-find contacts are some of the most valuable, as they contribute to multiple publications in many genres.

It’s not just for NYC and LA. We include national market and lifestyle editors as well as editors in major regional markets like Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Charleston, Charlotte, and many more. 

​​Media List subscribers also receive a monthly Pitch Tip email, written by Recipe for Press founder and author, Amy Flurry. This keeps you tuned in to the “evergreen” ideas editors are looking for that month as well as tips on best pitch practices.

How to use a Media List

The Media List is primarily a tool to help you make industry connections and find the right publication to pitch. After purchasing your subscription and choosing a password, you’ll be able to browse our meticulously curated selection of editors, search for a specific publication or person or filter the contacts by their area of interest.

Each contact’s page includes their email, an active social media account, their role, publication and/or area of expertise. The Notes section features additional information like an editor’s submission preferences and what publications they worked for in the past.

If more than one email is listed for a contact, you should use the one that’s associated with the publication before pitching to an editor’s personal email.

We include a social media link with each listing. While we use it as another way to verify a contact’s job title, you can follow them and use it as a good insight into their preferences and the kind of stories or products they’re looking for.

How to get access to our Media List

Other Media Lists can cost thousands of dollars to access despite being severely outdated, but we keep ours priced at $150 a year so it’s affordable for those who it’s intended to help. You can purchase a 1 year subscription here, or check out the Pitch Kit Bundle for Media List access, the original Recipe for Press book and even more pitching resources.