Nice Seats

Angela Aaron, founder of NiceSeats, the first washable airplane seat cover designed to be used when traveling, approached Amy for help in landing press to get her products to the market before competitors and to accelerate online sales. She also knew that quick press would help NiceSeats attract other major retailers across the country. They had the added benefit of positive SEO results from the broad exposure. She signed on for a four-month PR push. NiceSeats quickly received coverage in major US outlets including Travel & Leisure, Vogue, Forbes, Real Simple, Today Show, Fast Company- significantly impacting online sales and marketing opportunities.

  • creation of a pitch roadmap and strategy (five categories/75 total editors)
  • brand advisor
  • custom media list preparation
  • pitch development + implementation
  • management of editor requests + bi-weekly reporting
  • follow-up and post-press support

“In less than three months, Amy and her team landed us in major publications that I could only dream of being in. This exposure activated sales and helped to land NiceSeats new retail accounts.”

Angela Aaron, founder