Why Our Media List is Different!

Media List. Illustration of magazines.

Here’s looking at why our media list is a must-have for any brand looking to get press this year!

1. Who has the time?Illustration of laptop, mug and clock

Editors move around…and often. Since March, we’ve made significant changes to our list. Over 130 editors who left publications or were promoted were removed or moved from our list. Another 200 new editor and freelance writer names were added. Sixteen publications shuttered and another 90 new publications were added. Our update resulted in over 1,170 editor contacts on our exclusive media list.

Illustration of smartphone, social media2. You can get social!

Our list includes a social media link for each contact. We use this as another way of verifying their current activity. You can use it to get to know the preferences of the editor and to engage mildly so they also see your company name.

3. It’s affordable!

Priced at $150, our list is a deal. Other lists cost thousands and many often sorely outdated.

4. It’s not just NYC and LA!Illustration of map

We include national market editors and lifestyle editors as well as editors in major regional markets such as Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Charleston, Charlotte, and many more. We’ve also added home and business podcasters and our list includes a strong freelance section of over 60 hard-to-find contacts.